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After graduation, Mohammad Mahfuzul Haque joined a human rights organization and worked for a while. While doing various service work there, Mr. Mahfuz came across the issue of education for the disabled. People with disabilities have always been very neglected in our society. Due to the absence of proper treatment and education, they lead many inhumane lives. They can't mix with the other ten normal people in society. Since working with people with disabilities is a noble job, Mr.Mahfuz has been wanting to work with them since 2014. Then he came to know that in 2009 the Government passed the Integrated Special Education Policy on Disability-2009, and some schools for the disabled have been established across the country. Mr. Mahfuz was looking for them for the next two or three years and he is more inspired by their activities and services. In 2017 he started Autism Development Society (ADS) & Began to serve the Special Children. Then in 2018, his family took the initiative to establish this school and his mother donated land and other school-related materials for the school, which started the school activities. Later, according to the government rules, Mr. Mahfuz took over as the Head Teacher of the institution, and in the same process another 16 teachers were hired, out of which 8 were male and 8 were female. As part of the Support staff, 12 people were recruited, including 6 males and 6 females. The school was established in Dhanaidaha village of No-4 Nagar Union, Baraigram Upazila of Natore district. According to Government rules, his mother, Mrs. Lutfunnesa, donated 20 decimile of the land and the school's own building was built on top of it. As there is no other school for the disabled near the school, this school has become a blessing for the people of Baraigram Upazila,Natore.

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